'Putting my legs through plastic carrier- bags from our weekly shopping trips, pulling up the handles like straps, I had made my first pair of dungarees. I was not allowed to wear high- heels. Paper-merching together tissue boxes and toilet roll tubes I painted them pink, putting on my heels and dungarees, I strutted down my garden like a catwalk.'


'See the beauty in everything, Find the light in the darkness', EIRINN HAYHOW reimagines our waste materials into high-vibe garments.


An exquisite juxtaposition of trash and couture, vintage and contemporary.  She deconstructs traditional shapes into punk glamour. Garments are stamped with her unique painterly artworks and motifs; influenced by "absurdities found in nature.' like smiling faces in chewing gum on our concrete streets.


Garments thrive with serotine fueled colours, salvaged and natural fibres, mainly naturally dyed from vegetable waste. 


EIRINN HAYHOW reveals a kaleidoscopic, high-vibe alternative to couture. Each garment is unique, one-off and 100% salvaged with love.