'When I was a little girl, I used to put my feet through carrier bags from our weekly shopping trips... pulling up the handles like straps, I had made my first pair of dungarees. I was never allowed to wear high heels, so I began Paper Merching together tissue boxes and toilet roll tubes, painting them pink. I put on my dungarees and new shoes and strutted down my garden like a catwalk.'

Find beauty in everything. See the light in the darkness. Creative director and brand owner Erin Laurel Hayhow reimagines our waste materials, ready-to-wear on the catwalk. She offers a range of zero-waste high-vibe couture garments, screen-printed with her own painterly artworks and motifs.

Graduating with a 1st class BA in fine art, and most recently a Distinction in Fashion Design this October. Erin Hayhow began by screen printing on garments from her studio flat in Berlin and selling them on sunday flea markets.  A self taught designer, she went from Flea Markets, to design markets and then sold her first collection at Studio 183, Bikini Berlin. She moved back to UK in Summer of 2018 where she opened a 3 month pop up store in margate selling waste free garments, before starting her masters in september 2018.

Recycling  is a huge part of her practice, Erin can turn any material into a high- end garment, ready - to - wear on the catwalk. She initiated a waste free fashion collective, curating catwalks at Turner Contemporary Margate, Soho House Berlin and most recently took part in Margate NOW, an ambitious and dynamic festival of art, events and performances. This year, in response to Turner Prize 2019 at Turner Contemporary the programme runs from 28 September 2019 - 12 January 2020. It has been developed by Turner Contemporary, Margate Festival, Open School East, 1927, Resort, Crate, Limbo, Dreamland Margate, Kent County Council and Kent Libraries, Thanet District Council, Southeastern and locally based artists. It is supported by Arts Council England through National Lottery funding, as well as contributions from Kent County Council, Thanet District Council and Dreamland Margate. Turner Prize 2019 is organised in collaboration with Tate.  

video by Jess Dadds