Each garment in this collection is based on a specific mushroom -

The Amethyst Deceiver fungus is a mycorrhizal mushroom growing with deciduous and coniferous trees. It is particularly found with Beech. It is most often found in large numbers

They are a deep purple colour when young and turn pale buff with age, sometimes almost white. The amethyst deceiver is edible.


Amethyst Deceiver Dress has been influenced by the beautiful purple tones found in this specific mushroom. The mushrooms tones, change when it is wet and dry, and EIRINN HAYHOW has conveyed all these tones within the dress. The dress has been handcrafted from locally sourced sustainable hemp fibres. Hemp fibres have many wellbeing properties for the human body and is a luxury fabric. Due to the nature of the dye process, each dress will be 100% unique. EIRINN HAYHOW has created the natural dye tones from foraging berries and bark.


All garments in this collection are genderless.


Amethyst Deceiver Dress is currently sold out, but can be made to order in any size. If you would like the garment made to order,  please email Please note due to the nature of the dyeing process, and that I make everything by hand in my studio, delivery time could take up to three weeks. Thankyou for your patience.

  • Care Instructions


    Please either handwash your garment lovingly, or wash it at 30 degrees with a natural washing detergent like ecover.