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Each garment in this collection is based on a specific mushroom -

The  Green Cracking Russula fungus is an uncommon Russula that's great tasting, this can be improved upon by drying the mushroom first. Cracked, grass-green surface, paler towards margin and with green patches on a very pale green or whitish background creating a 'quilted' or 'crazy paving' effect make this a distinctive brittlegill - something of a rarity! With age the green colouring fades from the centre to a dull brownish-ochre.


Due to the nature of the dye process, each garment made will be 100% unique.


Green Cracking Russula Trouser have been made from sustainable hemp fibres, an are inspired by post punk, 90s grunge culture, which displays itself in the raw tie-dyed patterns of the jeans. The baggy style of the trouser gives a unique, androgynous  and comfortable fit. The hemp fleece fibres are extra soft for the ultimate comfort. The trousers have been naturally dyed from foraging plants and berries.


The button is EIRINN HAYHOW's iconic MOSSMAN motif. Inspired by a smiley faced patch of moss, she spotted embedded in a concrete wall. The button has been created using salvaged brass, a collaboration with herself and BMV jewellery.


Green Cracking Russula trouser are currently available in a size large, but can be made to order in any size.


All garments in this collection are genderless. Green Cracking Russula Trouser are worn by a size medium model.


If you would like the garment made to order in your size, please email Please note due to the nature of the dyeing process, and that I make everything by hand in my studio, delivery time could take up to three weeks. Thankyou for your patience.

  • Care Instructions

    Please either handwash your garment lovingly, or wash it at 30 degrees with a natural washing detergent like ecover.