Pineapple Leather Corset

Pineapple Leather Corset




Pineapple Leather Corset


This garment has been made from pineapple leather. A vegan, sustainable alternative. Pineapple leather is made from the waste pineapple leaves in the Phillipenes. Harvesting the leaves, finds a circular solution to the waste product, and has brought an income to the local community. 


It has then been screen- printed with water based inks, with Moss Man motif. 'Moss Man' is an acid like smiley face I found embedded in the moss of a concrete wall, he has become the brands motif.


Currently only one available in size SMALL , but pineapple leather corset can be made to order at your request, in sizes small, medium and large.

  • Care instructions

    please wipe down lovingly, or dry clean.