Star Sign tshirts are dyed with eco dyes in pinky, greeny cosmic tones. 

Did you know that you have a  moon, sun and rising sign and the all mean different things?  Your sun sign is your core self, the things you believe in and what you stand for. Your moon sign is your soul, so can perhaps be things that are hidden, that others may not know about you, this might be the sign you feel you can connect with the most. Your rising sign is how you communicate and how others see you.  All the planets will have been in different positions when you were born and they all mean different things..  You can find out more by looking at  your star charts online.  To order a tshirt, you can either email with your requests, or you can select from the sun signs available to order.

  • care instructions

    Please wash at 30 degrees with an natural detergent like ecover.