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T-shirt Reflower

T-shirt Reflower

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Reimagine your garments once again, with flower magic. 


EIRINN HAYHOW is all about sustainability, and part of that is the continued love and care of clothes. If you have any EIRINN HAYHOW T-shirts that may have faded slightly in colour, or maybe the print has, you can now send them to be Reflowered and Reprinted.


Choose the colour you want your t-shirt to be re-dyed to and if you want a reprint please select the print you would like. You cover the postage here, and I will cover the postage back again!


The Reflower campaign is a new way of being sustainable and giving your outdated garments a new love.

To tell you more about the natural dyeing process, many of the colours are foraged locally, and it takes a couple of days to extract the colour to the desired hue. The inks are also made from the waste plant water from the natural dye bath. After screen-printing the image, garments are pressed, then washed, then hung to dry, and then pressed again before being ready to post. This process also takes a couple of days.