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Deeply connected with our natural world and its synchronised patterns, EIRINN HAYHOW carefully explores the foraging of wild plants, herbs and bark. The gathering of such natural resources for ceremonial activities and herbal medicines has occurred since ancient times; cultural practices which were aware of nature’s power in relation to the human body and mind. EIRINN is fascinated by the potential frequency of psychological energy waves emitted from plants and trees, and how these natural frequencies are synchronous with our hearts.

She makes all the material for her collections using a combination of intuition and research-led processes. Her playful exploration of natural material has seen her recently exploring the use of living moss, incorporated into knit from foraged nettles and banana yarn. From the array of different plants, barks and flowers she collects, inks, pigments and natural dyes are made before then reusing the waste plant matter and water from the dye baths.  Extracting every potential from the material, she turns it into self-made biomaterial and plant leather. The plant leathers are infused with specific healing powers from plants and barks, learnt from her research into herbalism and ancient wisdom. Her plant leather puffers are stuffed with dried grass, lavender and valerian root for anti-anxiety properties



The Biolab is where EIRINN HAYHOW does all her textile science experimentation, creating bio-materials, dyes, inks and potions using foraged and grown plants, crystals and waste matter.

Bio-leather trousers are created using waste plant matter, infused with crystals and lavender, with foraged nettles and living moss imbedded throughout, to replicate phytoncides: an organic compound produced by trees. 

Plant leather puffer stuffed with dried grass and lavender inside lab-grown biomaterial, emitting calming notes of nature and anti-anxiety properties. Crushed crystals and lavender create a beautiful shimmer.



Eirinn Hayhow

Designer, Director, Textile Innovator and Materials Scientist

Hakan Keppler

PR, Marketing and Director,  LOVE ME STUDIOS

Katie Gotham (SeamPixie)

Seamstress & Studio Assistant


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